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    Hi all;

    I've been using dashclock since AC told us about it awhile back. The lock screen widget works flawlessly (for me). I've also grown rather attached to the style of the home screen widget, which I have on my main screen. The problem is it routinely gets stuck. As in, its stuck _most of the time_. The clock/calendar updates automatically, but the weather and battery indicator update... Well I'm not sure when, or how to get them to. Sometimes I can force an update by resizing the widget, but often even this doesn't work.

    I'm attaching a screen shot. A few points: it says I'm in Waltikon, which is where I was this morning, but left there over 8 hrs ago. So the weather is far out of date. Battery says 36%, but if you look in the top right, you'll see I'm actually at 77%. It hasn't been as low as 36% in at least 18 hrs (last night before plugging it in). And finally, as you'll see in the second screen shot, the lock screen widget is up to date. Any ideas? Anyone else having this problem? Is the home screen widget just something the developer threw in but doesn't really support?

    03-11-2013 10:50 AM

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