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    I am having, to say the least, some security issues that would take all day to explain, even if I could. I can easily find out what numbers are being called from my phones (and yes, I have permission to do this because this person fits the legal definition for being able to do this, plus they are so conceited that they don't think they will ever be caught), but I believe that, for some crazy reason, someone who uses one of my phones is hiding the usage somehow (as well as SMS, MMS) and if I could just find out who they are calling, I might be able to figure out why they are going to so much trouble to hide the voice and data usage. I am thinking it might be through VOIP/ SIP/ Internet/ Callback calling and messaging and I do not know how to track this usage. I have repeatedly asked my carrier who says that they can't (won't?) help. I have been living a nightmare for THREE years.... long story. I have had my bank accounts, computers, etc. hacked so taking the phone away may prevent any hope of finding out why/ how they are doing this to me and will not stop it happening in other areas. I keep changing computers, accounts, etc. to no avail. This is my 4th cell phone carrier, 10th phone, 9th phone number and I am afraid. I have even had threatening pictures sent to me, without me opening an email, etc.. This has been going on with Blackberries, IPhones and Androids. I'm in way over my head as far as knowing how things like this are done. I believe that some of this is done through USSD codes or codes used with phone calls because I have seen many # and * additions to dialing phone numbers as well as lots of usage (usually back to back as if they call voice mail, hang up and call right back) of voice mail. There are even calls between my two lines that will show up on one phone (the "problem child") and not show up on the phone it is calling- neither on the phone itself in the call history or on the billing. These are not just a couple of seconds calls, either, they have been over 30 minutes long. PLEASE, no crackpot, sarcastic answers. Someone has to know what is going on. Not even the fraud departments of my carriers have helped. It is so bad that it is affecting my health. Again, I have to find out what is going on before I take my phone back because it is also affecting other areas. Does anyone know what could be going on and if there is an app that will track VOIP/ SIP/ Internet/ Callback calls? Those "spy" apps don't even do that. Even an app that literally records keystrokes or can send screen shots to email? There must be a hotshot out there who knows what is going on....
    03-12-2013 02:23 PM

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