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    StockTiles and Widget are an exciting way to view and manage your stock portfolio! Instead of a boring list, your stocks are a represented by collection of color coded tiles, with real time quotes allowing user to see clearly all the important information in the portfolio at one glance!

    Human brains respond much more intuitively to visual cues than letters and numbers. That is why charts make more sense than table of numbers. Why not apply the same concept to portfolio tracking? Instead of reading tiny numbers and decimal points, one can quickly gauge the overall portfolio performance at one glance with colors and lines? The colors of tiles indicate daily % change, with the brightest GREEN for GAIN, and brightest RED for LOSS. The border thickness and color indicate your holding values and if it is long or short position. Performance bar at the baseline indicate your holding performance with respect to purchase / short price. Much of these can be customized to your individual style. The list view is also available if that is your preference.

    The tiles can be sorted by daily % change, alphabetical, time added, holding value, holding performance. Other sorting order based on technical and fundamental indicators can be added upon request!

    You will immediately know which stock in your portfolio or watchlist is gaining the most or suffering losses simply based on the colors. As well, the overall market performance can be felt with the overall colors of the tiles collection. You can then tap on the tile / stock of interest to open up the detailed quote page with charts and up to the minute news.

    Widget for StockTiles is by far the most beautiful stock widget ever! The scrollable widget comes with 3 styles of your choice: Glass (transparent), Translucent or Solid, and update the quotes with a single tap, so it does not consume your data plan unnecessarily when you are not watching. You can open detailed quote, and settings from the widget directly.

    StockTiles is also a full-featured portfolio management software as follows:
    Key Features:
    - Visually INTUITIVE! Easy to Use!
    - The most beautiful Stock Widget with customizable styles!
    - Fast and Accurate Quotes!
    - Sort tiles by name, daily %change, position performance, technical / fundamental indicators and more!
    - Real-time RSS News Feed! from various sources:
    - Bloomberg, Yahoo finance, Motley Fools, CNN, CNBC, Reuters etc...
    - Customizable Charts!
    - Line chart, Bar chart, Candlestick, (Trendline charts optional)
    - Overlays: Moving Averages: 5, 10, 20 ,50 ,100, 200, EMA: 5, 10, 20 ,50, 100 ,200; Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, Splits, Volume
    - Technical Indicators: MACD, RSI14, MFI, ROC, Slow/Fast Stochastic, Volume&MA, William %R
    - Portfolio performance and Alerts!
    - Dividend payout adjustment
    - All Major Markets supported (more than 10000 stock symbols):
    United States: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX
    Canada: TSX
    Asia: HKEX, Australia, New Zealand
    Europe: London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid
    - Preloaded portfolios:
    NASDAQ100, Dow Industrial 30, Dow Transport 20, S&P100, FTSE100, NZ50
    More will be added upon request
    03-15-2013 12:52 PM

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