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    "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." Mark Twain

    Easy Vocab aims at explaining the meaning and usage of words of the English Language. We cover words that will help sharpen your communication, prepare for various English language examinations and improve your confidence in speaking & writing English. We help you Learn and master words the FUN way!
    To learn using interactive videos, visit our YouTube channel: Easy Vocab - YouTube

    This engaging app allows you to learn a plethora of words and intelligently helps you track your learning progress. You can customize your quizzes and get an in-depth analysis of your results.

    Some example categories we currently cover (or plan to cover) are:

    o GRE/GMAT/CAT High Frequency words
    o Business Vocabulary
    o Academic Words
    o Nature & Environment
    o and many more..


    Download and test..
    03-16-2013 06:12 AM

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