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    I'm new here and hope I'm doing this right.
    I have a Zenithink C93 tablet that has Jelly Bean 4.1 on it. I had one of the same model with ice cream sandwich that I loved. This Jelly Bean is a headache . At least I'm assuming it's the Jelly Bean that's causing the problem. There are a number of applications that you change from one page to another via the menu (the 3 dots on top of each other near the bottom left of the screen). However, the Jelly Bean has preempted that spot and every time I click on it, it sends me to Google Search. I "disabled" the Google Now by going to the search "settings", then selecting "off" or unchecking the options. However, that doggone search engine is still usurping those "menu" dots on the bottom, meaning I can't change my applications' pages! How can I remove the google search from the "menu" dots on the bottom to free it up for me to use on the applications again? Any HELP you can give I would greatly appreciate. Thank you!
    03-16-2013 09:03 AM

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