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    Worktime Manager is a fast and easy way to assist you with settling your account. If you work on commision, this app will automate counting up the amounts due.

    Just enter the name of the job, the category, the hourly wage and optionally some notes. Hit "Start" and the counter will start - any time you tap the notification in the notification bar you will be presented with basic information on the job, the time you have worked and the money you have earned so far. After hitting "Stop" and confirming the info(you can adjust the date and time freely) the job will be added to the database.

    The stored data can be searched for, viewed or deleted easily and with one tap you can generate a customized report on the jobs you have done.

    What can the app do?
    - autocomplete the names and categories based on what has previously been done
    - start a job to have an easily accessible counter in the notification bar
    - stop the job and add to the database
    - browse the database, search by name or category, filter by date
    - view all the data of any single job
    - generate a report of jobs done within the selected time interval, filtered by categories you selected
    - export to XLS(MS Excel)

    03-19-2013 09:24 PM

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