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    Unlike any other Bible Trivia game! Prove every answer with the scripture provided! This Bible game is NOT random Bible verses where you just fill in the blank but rather informative need-to-know details to grow your biblical knowledge and understanding.

    Answer questions covering both the New and Old Testaments including specific topics on Jesus Christ, the Exodus from Egypt, the book of Genesis, the 10 Commandments and the annual Holy Days and Passover. Have specific questions or topics you would like to be added? Send us an email using our in-app feedback button and be added to our Special Thanks list!

    Have a phone with an extra small screen size of under 4 inches? Have a tablet with an extra large screen size of over 10 inches? This Bible Trivia game works on all screen sizes!

    5 quiz categories
    10 question quizzes
    20 second timer per question
    150+ question database ensures a unique quiz every play
    High scores table
    Results page to review answers and look up the provided Bible verses
    Send in questions to be added and be thanked by name on the About page

    Future Features Already Being Developed
    350+ questions already written waiting for release
    Achievements and trophies
    Share option for Facebook and Twitter
    Filter for high scores
    Online high scores leaderboard
    Challenge a friend
    'Free play' (no count down timer) plus other quiz types
    Hyperlinked Bible verses
    Settings menu to customize game play
    Landscape orientation capability
    In-app purchases
    Graphic and animation enhancements

    So stay tuned!


    No advertisements on pro
    100+ more questions on pro
    Double high scores spots on pro


    Only available on Play Store right now.

    pro: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ibletrivia.pro
    lite: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...bletrivia.lite

    WHO I AM

    I graduated college in December of 2011 with a BS in CSCI. I got into a job doing network security and was becoming rusty on my programming so I decided to dabble in my first Android app to sharpen my skills. I ended up loving the development process and it turned into my first app (lite + pro). It was released yesterday (03/19/2013).


    Attached Thumbnails Bible Trivia (lite & pro)  -  [1st app I've made!]-mainmenu-4in.jpg   Bible Trivia (lite & pro)  -  [1st app I've made!]-categories-pro-4in.jpg   Bible Trivia (lite & pro)  -  [1st app I've made!]-quiz-4in.jpg   Bible Trivia (lite & pro)  -  [1st app I've made!]-questiondetails-4in.png   Bible Trivia (lite & pro)  -  [1st app I've made!]-about-465in.jpg  

    Bible Trivia (lite & pro)  -  [1st app I've made!]-comingsoon-465in.jpg   Bible Trivia (lite & pro)  -  [1st app I've made!]-quiz2-4in.png  
    03-20-2013 11:54 AM

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