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    I'd like to figure out how to get the following functionality:

    I'd like to have my Android phone set up on some sort of a tripod, where the camera is pointing at me, and several feet away from me, and I want to be able to remotely stop and start the video recorder, while staying several feet away from the phone. I'd want to be able to set this up outside.

    I've noticed a couple different "camera remote control" apps, but they don't quite fit the bill. One of them only operates the camera, not the camcorder, and the other appears to be an "android->android" remote control, which doesn't help.

    I would think voice control could work, but if I had to have a long cord with a button and a connection to the phone, that could work also.

    My current phone would be a Droid 4, if that matters.
    03-20-2013 03:36 PM

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