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    What's NEW in this version:
    ▨ support custom theme
    Long press on "Change Theme" to customize theme
    ▨ support NFC share
    ▨ fix some bugs
    ▨ optimize animation

    If you are to update to v0.9.6 from v0.9.4, please make sure that backup your data first, and then reinstall v0.9.6!!
    NFC share for v0.9.6 uses Android 4.0 SDK. It will occur android.database.sqlite.SQLiteCantOpenDatabaseException, which is caused by Android itself.
    So sorry for that, you need to reinstall this app for this update.

    ▨ support Hardware Acceleration
    ▨ fix some bugs
    ▨ add flip menu
    ▨ optimize animation
    ▨ fix some serious bugs
    ▨ optimize themes

    I think "Clear for iPhone" is a cool App, so I make the koalcat's Clear for Android ^_^
    I don't want this app to be a copycat, so it will be not exactly the same as "Clear for iPhone".

    koalcat's Clear is a simple to-do app that can let your mind to focus on your tasks with a simple-to-use and attractive interface.

    How to use:
    1.move right to complete
    2.move left to delete
    3.pull down to create
    4.pinch to switch
    5.pull-to-expand to create
    6.double-click to edit
    7.click number to expand

    Now it supports more features:
    1.add new to-do note with one line limit
    2.move right to check the note.
    3.move left to delete the note.
    4.change the order of notes
    5.support some gestures(v0.3)
    6.support double-click edit feature(v0.4)
    7.support backup and restore notes
    8.support themes(v0.6)
    9.support lists(v0.6)

    Coming up soon:
    //1.sync with Google Tasks

    And more...



    If you have any questions or feature suggestions, or would like to report a bug, please contact me immediately.

    E-mail Addr.

    For more information, plaese visit KoalCat's Blog.

    Special thanks:
    Maruthi Sheshuhnagh
    03-21-2013 12:03 AM

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