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    Hello everyone

    I would like to introduce my smallest production - "Knock to mute". This application is launched when you get an incoming call, it starts to listen the microphone and tries to capture the sound that can be classified as "knocking/tapping". If it detects a "double tap" the ringing tone is set to silent, unitl the call is ended or answered. After the call ends the ringer is set to its original mode.

    Unfortunately, the detection when someone is knocking the phone is dependent on many factors (background noise, cover resonance etc.) the application behaves differently in different phone models, I even have the situation where the incoming call blocked microphone (for example Galaxy Mini), so this application does not work perfectly (and probably we never will be), but in many cases it works very well. Of course, you can turn it off at any time.
    Feel free to test, I am looking forward for any feedback and suggestions.

    03-22-2013 08:47 AM

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