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    Exciting Word game that makes you 'Wonder' and when you get them all you feel 'Wonderful!!'


    Free upgrade Code : UPMTT ( valid for March 2013)

    Description :
    Create words from the circle of letters. Keep in mind that you need to use the center word. And words need to be more than four letters. You score more points for longer words ! Some words are tough and some easy. Scratch your head a little, ponder a bit more. In the whole you will have fun and learn a lot of new words

    features :
    - uncluttered user interface
    - shuffle letters to get a different perspective at the puzzle
    - Heyzap social media integration so you can share scores with your friends
    - enable/disable sound to play quietly

    Game location :

    tiny URL

    Video URL :
    Attached Thumbnails Words Wonder - Free upgrade to Premium-ww22_1.jpg   Words Wonder - Free upgrade to Premium-ww22_2.jpg   Words Wonder - Free upgrade to Premium-cartoon_ww.png  
    03-23-2013 07:06 AM

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