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    I haven't seen much discussion about this app, but I wanted to share it. It has worked great on my Evo.

    I am a big user of the COUPONS app and Deals, so when I'm looking through the coupons available, I can just send it to the printer and take them with me on the go (many merchants will NOT accept your phone as a coupon)...

    I also run a couple of direct sales businesses that I am able to enter on my Evo, but need the ability to print a summary before I submit the orders. With PrinterShare, I can enter the orders (FROM ANYWHERE!), send the summary to my printer and then submit the order without having to wait until I get home to print a hard copy for my records, thus delaying the order. This has allowed me to get that ever-important shopping trip in, and not worry about hearing back from my customers before I can leave my house!

    Also, I can snap pictures while I'm mobile and have them printed and waiting for me when I get home - that's my favorite part. Unfortunately for me, I can't get it to recognize using the actual photo tray, so I just print them on paper for now, until I'm able to sit down and trouble shoot. (If anyone gets this figured out, I would love to know how! Right now it sees all the options from that particular printer, but when I choose anything but the main tray, it just won't print the job.)

    There is a free version and a paid version. My understanding is that the paid version allows unlimited prints, and although one user commented about the free version allowing printing on nearby printers, I did not understand that to be the case.

    This app has just worked for me, and the support is really great. I had an issue with one of my printers and one of their reps gave me 100 extra copies to continue troubleshooting. I haven't purchased the app yet but I plan to. There will be tons of implementations!

    I don't know how to find/paste the barcode in AppBrain - sorry!
    PrinterShare - AppBrain
    08-01-2010 04:14 PM
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    I have the paid version of the program and use it quite frequently. The premium version will allow you to print to a wifi printer. (Will the free one? I don't remember it letting me).

    I think it is well worth the $4.95 if you do any printing. I have printed coupons, pdf files, contact info.

    (edit) I have not tried a photo (other than what was on the document I printed) but will see about printing a photo to a photo tray. I have the option in mine to choose which tray to print from. I thought I saw that same option in the free version.

    08-01-2010 06:16 PM