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    Hi All,

    Yes, there are already some good weather apps out there
    with plenty of bells and whistles.

    However, this one has an easy to use, and fast, interface,
    with lots of detailed weather information straight from NOAA's servers.

    One of the best Hazard Warnings, also from NOAA, a Thirty Six Hour,
    Hourly and Seven Day forecast, along with RADAR.

    Also Current Conditions, from your local weather station, with
    Temp., "Feels Like", Humidity, Barometer, Dewpoint, and Wind
    direction, speed and wind speed gust.

    Check out the screenshots on Google Play.

    You'll have to search for it using "Your Weather", with quotes.

    Please check it out, it's free!

    03-24-2013 12:20 PM

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