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    1.App name: Fail
    App description:
    Fail, WTF, Facebook, funny, sexy, girl
    Fail, WTF, facebook Fail,best photo bomb, the strange, the sexy, the wired, the unbelievable, you bet! We have them all. Every day, the best of the Internet gather here for your viewing pleasure. This is not for the faint hearted; you need to have a high level of tolerance for the gross, the stupid and the unbelievable stuff. Otherwise stay away from the daily fresh updates!

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    2.App name: Tatto

    App description:
    "D10 Tatto" delivers to you beautiful tatto designs in high quality pictures. Tatto lovers, wait no more, get the latest, sexiest and coolest in Tatto. 10 or more updates every day.

    App screenshots:

    [IMG]img src=https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BGbSg7uCAAAx94f.png[/IMG]

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    3.App name:East Beauty
    App Description:
    "D10 East Beauty" delivers beauty from the east to you everyday in sexy and fancy packages. Enjoy these sexy, naughty and cute pictures from China, Japan, Korea and other east Asian lands. 10 or more beauties are presented every day.

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    4.App name: LOL
    App description:
    LOL offers the best pictures from the Internet in funny, fail, wtf, lol, sexy and crazy. Everyday new updates are added fresh from the Internet social networks such as facebook and twitter and also from user discussion groups. Enjoy!

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