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    Saaspose Newsletter for April 2013 has now been published that highlights all newly added information, exciting new features & informative blogs about Saaspose APIs & SDKs. This month Saaspose.Words, Saaspose.Pdf & Saaspose.Slides have introduced new features for Manage Document Properties of PDF Files, convert documents to different file formats, Replace text in PDF files, save presentations to other file formats, API documentation changes introduced during the month Of March 2013 & many more.

    New Pricing Plans

    As part of ongoing improvements to our service, we are updating the structure of our pricing plans. Well introduce more plans in-between the existing plans, adjust what the current plans include and introduce discounted 1 and 2 year plans. When creating the new price plans, weve taken account of customer feedback and real-world usage. If you are an existing paying customer, you will stay on the plan you are on with no change. When you come to upgrade, youll chose from one of the new plans. (However If you upgrade in the next 60 days you can still opt for one of our existing plans. Also if you sign up to any existing plan on a yearly basis, you can move between any of the existing plans for the next 12 months.). If you are evaluating or testing Saaspose on the free plan and decide to use one of our existing plans, you can still do so for the next 30 days (provided that your Saaspose account existed before today). These pricing plans will take over from existing pricing plans on 5th April. You can preview our new pricing plans here.

    Coming Soon: Saaspose becomes Aspose for Cloud

    As some of you know, Saaspose is a cloud product created by Aspose. We have decided to change the name from Saaspose to Aspose for Cloud. Aspose is a leading vendor of components for .NET, Java, SharePoint, Reporting Services and JasperReports. Our core focus is offering the most complete and powerful set of file management products on the market. Cloud services are an extension of our existing offering. This name change will not affect your existing code. While we will have a new API endpoint at api.aspose.com it will work side-by-side with the existing api.saaspose.com endpoint. The main changes will be to our website, forums and documentation. These will be updated in the coming weeks, to reflect the new name and move the content under the Aspose.com domain. If you have any questions about these changes please email Saapose team.

    Best of Saaspose API Blogs

    Stay tuned with the recent updates, features and announcements of Saaspose APIs through Saaspose Blog.

    1. Manage Document Properties of PDF Files using Saaspose.PDF REST Examples in PHP
    2. Convert documents to different file formats using Saaspose REST API examples in RUBY
    3. Replace text in PDF files using Saaspose.PDF REST API
    4. Save presentations to other file formats using Saaspose.Slides REST API:

    Latest From the Documentation

    During the month of March 2013, we have added many examples for various features of Saaspose file format APIs in our documentation. These examples have been added in Saaspose.Words, Saapose.Cells and Saaspose.Pdf and Saaspose.Slides. You can utilize these examples in PHP, .NET and Ruby to incorporate features in your applications such as convert workbook, protect MS Word document, replace text in documents, save presentations to other file formats, get selected attachment in PDF etc. You may view a complete list of examples for each API in the following announcement posts:

    - Saaspose.Pdf REST API Documentation Changes Introduced During The Month Of March 2013
    - Saaspose.Slides REST API Documentation Changes Introduced During the Month of March 2013

    Saaspose API SDK Updates

    During the month of March 2013, we have introduced new features in our SDKs for different programming languages like .NET and PHP. There is a list of features available for each API on Github and you can download the required SDK. The new features are added in APIs such as Saaspose.Words and Saaspose.Cells. These features include add picture in workbooks and remove or add headers/footers in MS Word documents. For more details, you may refer to the following announcement.

    Keep in Touch

    There are several ways for you to keep in touch with us. The monthly newsletter is a way for us to keep in touch with you, but we are always interested in hearing from you.

    - Ask your question from Saaspose Team
    - Connect with us on Post a question on our Facebook
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