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    Hi, I'm an indie game developer, living in the Netherlands one week ago I submited this game to the play store, I did not get lot of downlod and it's not shown in the 500 new top free.


    Save Earth, humanity and destroy the OAX.

    Run, jump and shoot these hideous monsters. Kill them all.
    As you proceed towards the OAX stronghold, you can collect extra lives to replenish your health, shields to protect yourself and upgrade your fighting skills to kill more effectively.
    Shields will enable you to temporarily upgrade your shooting power, swiftly killing every OAX in sight.
    The OAX can not be killed by jumping on top of them: you have to fire at them. Some OAX cannot be killed, like the Red Egg mine, The best way is to simply avoid, kill, or jump on top of them when you have your shield equipped.
    Try to kill the OAX as quickly as you can, since you will be killed when you get hit by their balls of fire.
    As you get further into the game, the levels will get harder.
    Who knows... you might just be able to make it to the final fight.
    The world exists of three stages: Greenox, Bluox and Redox.
    Greenox can be regarded as a stage through which you will run with a smile, easily killing everything in your way.
    In Bluox, things get serious. Make sure your trigger finger is warmed up. Bluox will bring some nice extra gadgets.
    Redox is a place you do not really want to pass through. Be prepared to face the most vicious OAX of all, including the Great Headox.
    So far, no one has entered Redox and got back... You have been warned.
    Game updates arrive monthly offering new level & OAX, skills, and character customization options.

    I really need help here, what I'm doing wrong advice please

    thanks in advance

    Raed Selman
    04-04-2013 05:39 PM

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