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    I have been looking everywhere for a nice contact management app for any android. We have a newsletter sign-up list where people manually write their name, city and email address to subscribe to our Newsletter. Trying to decipher people's handrwriting and adding everything into an excel spreadsheet just seems tedious and not efficient. I would like to buy an android device (iPad, Galaxy or similar) and use it for the sole purpose of having people add in this required information on a nice, pretty, easy and clear screen layout and be able to export it to an Excel Spreadsheet. I would think that there would be something out there for this but I can't find ANYTHING! I feel like I'm entering in a vortex of apps and I got nada.

    Can ANYONE recommend a nice app for what I am looking for? Other info such as address and tel numbers would be great as well but I'd be happy even with just the basic name, city and email.

    Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated! Thanks so much!
    04-08-2013 04:19 AM

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