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    Is anyone aware of an app that will monitor, and log a history of CPU frequency over a period of time? I'm curious to see how much time my phone spends at "redline" vs. slower frequencies. I've seen apps that will show current cpu speed, but of course if you're looking at that you're not able to actually use the phone to do anything else. So I'd like to find an app that runs in the background and logs the current speed every minute, say. Even better would be an app that logs every time the frequency changes, so if it's sitting at the lowest speed while the phone is in my pocket for a couple of hours it doesn't keep logging the same data over and over.

    Note that I don't want to see a history of percentage of CPU utilization. I'm interested in frequency, although if the app does both that's obviously OK, too.

    Many thanks.
    04-09-2013 02:19 PM

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