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    Hi guys,
    Monect is a free app that allows you to control the PC over wi-fi or bluetooth,
    Here are features:

    RaceMode - Play PC driving game by your phone over wi-fi or bluetooth using G-Sensor!
    TouchPad - Simulate touch pad on your phone with many gestures supporting, just like Apple's trackpad!
    My Computer - Exploring PC files on your phone!
    Joystick - Simulate joystick so you can play street fighter or dmc etc.
    FPS mode - Using gyroscope to aim the target just like a real gun in your hand, perfect support COD serial!
    Keyboards - Simulate typewriter keyboard, function keyboard, numeric keyboards...
    Text transfer - Type text on your phone and then transfer text to PC directly with one hit!
    PPT mode - When you need to have a lecture or a meeting, use this to make it easy!
    Browser, Media Control- Easily control all kinds of web browser & media player!
    And many more...

    Download android app from Google Play Store:

    Download the wrapped version:

    Please visit us:


    Support and feature requests
    If you have any issues or suggestions, please feel free to contact me via monect@outlook.com or reply to this thread.

    Some screenshot following

    04-10-2013 11:25 PM

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