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    The Wallpaper The Arctic includes two scenes: day-time and night-time. The day-time scene is very bright sunbeams are reflected from surface of arctic snows and ice and perfuse the all scene with the glaring light. The deep starry sky which is illuminated with the polar lights from time to time is presented on the night-time scene. "Celestial dust" begins to circle around, demonstrating its uniqueness, changing colors.

    A small snow-covered hut stands on the ice shore. The light in the window and the smoke from the chimney shows us that someone lives there and creates the food for imagination. Perhaps it serves as a temporary home for a scientific expedition. And may be someone has found oneself having run away from human fuss and having settled down in this hut..

    The wind generator overlooks near the hut situating for life in the place that seems not to be suitable for it. The airship slowly flies over arctic ice as another symbol of worlds technique progress.

    The difference between small hut and infinite space of the Arctic shows us the independent and uncompromising power of nature.


    04-11-2013 11:14 AM

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