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    Hi Everybody,

    Do you often get into trouble, when your relatives ask you to buy dozens of products in the store? They are giving you a piece of paper with microscopic-small font and strange symbols, (they call it "the shopping list") so nice trip to a store turns to handwriting expertise, moreover, when you finally get home, you hear something like: "Honey, and what about milk? Where is it?" First trip made you nervous, but the second one...duh...

    With free app "Listick" it is not a problem anymore. At first sight, it is the simpliest "shopping list" application, you have ever seen (you could add, delete and group the products, make several lists in a user-friendly interface) but the synchroniztion with web services makes the difference. Your friends and relatives could post the list on a cloud and you will get it on your phone in a second. Additionally you could synchronize your purchases with all your family to avoid the situation where you got four bottles of shampoo instead of one. And all that for free.


    Use "Listick" and turn your shopping trip into a pleasant journey!
    04-13-2013 03:15 AM

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