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    Blacklist of calls and text messages that allows to assign individual schedules for time slots and days of the week.
    ★ Programming block schedule (time of day and day of week) individually or in groups.
    ★ Create groups which you can add several numbers, allowing you to manage the block settings more easily.
    ★ Individual configuration of numbers: time schedule, block type (calls, messages, or both) and block action (hang up or silence).
    ★ Block / hang up and silence calls, messages, or both.
    ★ Quick enable / disable numbers and groups.
    ★ Quick enable / disable blacklist.
    ★ Allows add numbers manually, from the contact list and from the logs of calls and sms.
    ★ Log of calls and sms blocked.
    ★ Notifications in the taskbar when block a call or sms.
    ★ Can block all incoming calls and sms.
    ★ Can block calls from hidden or private numbers.

    04-15-2013 08:23 AM

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