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    -If anybody know,
    1. Does Baidu compress data by default, and if so, how do they do it without any lag?
    2. What is their T5 search engine technology?

    I'll explain: I was searching Google Play Store for any android web browser that used server data compression like Opera Mini and the only one I could find was Baidu. Does anybody know anything about Baidu and what there T5 search engine? It is kind of hard for me to believe that Baidu is actually compressing the data because if feels like fully fledged browser experience, just as if I was using Chrome, or Firefox or any others. When you use Opera Mini, you can sort of tell due to a slight lag that the data is compressing on the server. I just couldn't tell that with Baidu and I was wondering if it was something you had to toggle on or off, or if server compression is being used then why isn't there any lag?

    BTW the browser is excellent. With "The Great Firewall," and China's heavy hand with censorship I normally would not have been interested in trying out Baidu, but I have to say I'm impressed and I think I'll be using it as my primary browser.
    04-19-2013 02:48 PM

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