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    We would like to present you our first game "Bubbles go to the WAR". It is a logic-puzzle game similar to Ataxx, Othello, Reversi. The main goal of the game is to dominate the board by expanding your bubbles and taking over opponents fields. In "Bubbles" you can win using many strategies. You can play more defense style, building solid area of your bubbles or more aggressive by jumping over the board and attacking opponents in several points. Independently of your playing style and tactic you chose "Bubbles" should give you many hours of fun and logical challenges.

    Main features of the game:
    • nice graphics
    • easy user interface
    • over 50 boards for 2-4 players
    • 3 difficulty levels - good for casual and advanced players
    • 2 players mode - you can play together with you friends and family
    • many awards to achieve

    Warning! This game works only on devices with resolution 320x480 or higher.

    Link to game on Google Play:

    04-21-2013 05:50 PM

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