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    Grand Battle is a real-time classic Android strategy game globally. I can play with different players within one server. They are from quite different countries. Grand Battle has fierce battle scenes, advanced weapons, arms and vivid images. As Red Alert game was once favored by the majority of players with its increasing popularity in the year back, this Grand Battle game is a game that brings wonderful childhood memories me.

    A few strategy tips from my experience with this game:

    1. Metal, oil and electric power are the basic infrastructure in Grand Battle. However, electric power is the vital key to maintain resources.
    2. All the constructions are movable so that you can place them in a suitable location.
    3. Newbie should not rush to construct all types of arms as they are under 24 hours protection from other players.

    Grand Battle Free Download:
    04-25-2013 03:56 AM

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