1. SaypU's Avatar
    Hi All,

    We have released a Pronunciation/Translation App for beta testing here:


    The App enables you to convert text written in foreign languages into SaypU spelling, whether the foreign language uses non-Roman characters (e.g. Arabic word كلمة would be kalima) or Roman script (e.g. French word chat, which means cat in English, becomes sha in SaypU).

    In addition, you can convert English text spelled phonetically into the traditional spelling (e.g. frend --> friend).

    Also, you can use the EngSMS language to convert English words into shortcuts (good --> gd) or to convert shortcuts into English words (gd --> good)

    It is very easy to learn the SaypU alphabet using examples from popular English words (e.g. very --> veri), by clicking on Menu, then Alphabet.

    If you could test on various devices and forward any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.
    04-25-2013 05:49 AM
  2. Kevin OQuinn's Avatar
    Could you please include a few screenshots of your app please?
    04-25-2013 09:39 AM

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