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    I love the Android platform, but find the supplied Calendar APP very weak. I tried the HTC APP, DejaOffice and other add on APP and am very disappointed with their performance. Please advise me if there is any APP to purchase that has the follow desirable features added. (Generally more compatibility with MS Outlook Format - Similar to Windows Mobile &/or iPhone):

    1) User selectable granularity of reminder time before appointment.
    I would like a reminder at the exact starting time, 1 minute before and 1 minute selections of time critical appointments.

    2) Ability to flag appointments as: Free, Busy, Out of Office &Temporary. (Available & Busy would be OK for simplicity)
    (Also an APP or OS option to allow quiet operation {no rings or alarms} during Busy appointments).

    3) Ability to read entered text in the description field formatted with Mono Type like Courier to be readable on the Android screen in the same format. i.e. the characters in any column in line 2 & 3 to be immediately under the same column in line 1. This feature would also be nice in the Notes field of the Contacts or people feature in Android.

    (Example of # 3 above) Ability to store text in the following table like information in the description field and have it readable on the Android screen:
    Facts(??) King Air B200 Mustang C510 Beech Premier Cessna 172
    Engine TuroPro Jet Jet Piston
    # Pilots 1 or 2 2 or 1 2 or 1 1
    # Pax 8 to 12 4 + 1 6 + 1 (?) 3 (min Weight)
    Wing(L/H) Low Low Low High

    Any suggestion for a better Calendar APP would be appreciated. I was on Windows Mobile and it previous models for over 10 year and I mess these feature on my great Andriod EVO with Froyo. Thanks, David
    08-05-2010 11:06 AM
  2. cmcdowell26's Avatar
    try Jorte
    08-05-2010 11:19 AM
  3. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    try Jorte
    I was going to suggest that, but it doesn't do what he wants either. Reminders are still at 5/10/15/20/25/30/45 minutes and there's no "show time as free/busy/OOO" option.

    Not sure about #3...never had to do that but tried it and it seemed to keep it in a readable format (I just did two lines that said "column 1 space space space space space space space column 2" and it seemed to keep them like that)
    08-05-2010 11:24 AM
  4. braj's Avatar
    I would really like the ability to assign a contact to an event, so when viewing the event you have an easy link to their phone number etc. And templates! I thought my WinMobile calendar choices were limited but Android is ridiculous in this regard. I wish AgendaOne were available on Android.
    08-05-2010 12:28 PM
  5. Nebilim's Avatar
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    08-05-2010 02:13 PM
  6. braj's Avatar
    I'm not sure that is the most elegant (or even functional?) solution to what I'm thinking of Calltrack logs calls you've made, but does it allow you to insert a number into an appointment you are creating with a link to the number you will need to call when necessary? Checking out Calwidget right now though, thanks!
    08-05-2010 05:22 PM
  7. braj's Avatar
    Calwidget is AWESOME thanks! really appreciate this one, makes dealing with the calendar much better, I made a 4x3 widget easily and am using it with the wide Gtasks one and it is nice nice nice. One homescreen panel with these two makes this a much more organized 'PDA' yeah I'm getting old.
    08-05-2010 05:47 PM
  8. JayL's Avatar
    agenda fusion or pocket informant is coming
    08-05-2010 07:28 PM
  9. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    There is no such animal, yet. iRT Calendar is introducing a 'Pro' version later this year that sounds promising. Pimlico, the maker of the Datebk app for Palm OS (which is the best mobile calendar I've seen) is planning to release a calendar for Android sometime this year. I don't know if it'll do everything you want, but it should do most. And there's apparently a very good iPhone calendar app that's coming to Android, too.

    So, with a little luck, we'll be able to get a decent calendar app by the end of the year. Right now the best available are mediocre at best. I'm actually using both Jorte and iRT right now, as each offers some things the other doesn't, and I'm playing around with Gemini calendar, which isn't really a fully finished app, but does offer a couple of interesting ideas.

    Some day, I hope, my calendar will come. If I had realized just how bad the calendar apps for Android are, I might not have bought the phone.
    08-05-2010 07:48 PM