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    Supports Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread to 4.2.2 Jelly Bean!
    Simply Alarm Holo is a Minimalistic, Holo Themed Alarm and Timer App with deep Pebble Smart Watch Integration. Anyone can enjoy this simple to use alarm app. Pebble Smart Watch owners, this is the Alarm app you have been waiting for!

    The smart "One Time Alarm Management" feature makes it incredibly easy and intuitive to manage your alarms.

    Silent Alarm feature allows you to get vibrations to your Pebble Smartwatch without audible alarm.

    Gradual Alarm Sound Feature allows for a gentle wake up.

    Pebble Smartwatch Specific Features:
    -When turning on your phone you will receive a Pebble Notification presenting you a daily overview of your alarms. This feature is also available in-app by tapping the Pebble icon.
    -Pebble specific app preferences allow you to enable/disable Pebble Notifications, set the number of Pebble Vibrations for Alarms and choose to enable/disable Pebble Daily Alarm Overview.

    Alarm Specific Features:
    -Create alarms with visual feedback for alarm type based on category you have selected: Alarm, Nap, Task, or even Timer
    Please report any issues or bugs before giving negative feedback. I would love to help and make this app work for you!

    For more details please visit Simply Alarm Holo at rebootsramblings.ca
    04-26-2013 10:14 PM

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