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    Falldown Droid Edition has only one rule: Falldown and don't let Android mascot leave the screen.

    Tilt your phone to control the Android Mascot to let him falldown.

    Gain more points by catching extra bonus by falling down on them.

    Try to beat the score of best players online (Scoreloop)

    Falldown and get new bonus types and platforms. Every new type of falldown platforms game speed is iscreased.

    There are five types of bonuses to help you through the game and get a high score :
    - Cupcake - 1 extra point
    - Donut - 2 extra points
    - Eclair - 3 extra points
    - Froyo - 4 extra points
    - Gingerbread - 5 extra points
    - Honeycomb - 6 extra points
    - Ice Cream Sandwich - 7 extra points
    - Jelly Bean - 8 extra points

    --- Features ---
    - Great graphics for Falldown game
    - Keep the ball on the screen
    - Gain bonuses for the high score
    - Compare your score to the global leaderboards (Scoreloop)

    Google Play download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...assic.falldown

    04-29-2013 03:50 PM

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