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    I recently developed an app named "Audio Mode Switcher".
    It is a lightweight alternative to Llama to manage your ringer-mode settings.

    The app allows you to define weekly recurring times, when to switch to a certain audio-profile - that is really easy like setting the alarm clock.

    Furthermore there is the possibility to synchronize with your calendar. You can define events per keyword (i.e. if the word "meeting" appears in the event-title) or/and per calendars. When the event starts the app switches to a set profile and when it ends it switches again.

    There is also a location-based profile. For example you can set that the phone mutes if you are in school/work and is loud when you are at home.

    After releasing the app I would like to improve it, but until now I recognized that it is really hard to get feedback from users . This is the reason why I'm asking you in this forum - what do you think about Audio Mode Switcher. How does it work on your phone? Do you have any suggestions to improve the app?

    Thank you !
    05-03-2013 01:44 AM

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