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    I've experienced it personally, and now confirmed it on several Android sites. At least on a Droid X if you activate the "Smart Profile: Face Down" - you will no longer have a ringer for your phone. It simply vibrates, regardless of what your settings are.

    The solution: A Hard Reset. (Go to Settings =>Privacy => Factory Data Reset.)


    I did manage to install mIQ to back up my contacts, calls, conversations, text messages, photographs, and everything. And, I installed AppBrain (Market Place replacement) that has a cool feature to "Manage my apps".

    So, with a good backup, it took me about an hour to get everything re-installed, and another hour to tweak everything the way I liked it.

    So - save yourself a couple of hours work. If you are on a Droid X - you using the "Smart Profile: Face Down" is not a smart choice.

    Of course, your experience may be different.
    08-06-2010 09:14 PM