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    ★ You are looking for an app to replace your boring weather app?
    ★ You offen take photos and share them on Facebook, Instagram?

    Get INSWEATHUS for free at:

    If you ♡ Instagram you will ❤ Insweathus

    With Insweathus app, you can easily create unique and beautiful photos to share with your friends.
    Tag your awesome photos by brillant sunshines or white snowflakes AND dont forget to share them with the ones close to you

    Insweathus full of features:
    ★ Auto location
    ★ Combine weather info with your picture
    ★ Generate Instagram #hashtag to get more like
    ★ Share with your friends extremely fast via Instagram, Facebook or Email

    If you love Insweathus let's follow us on Instagram @instextus

    When you have any issues with Insweathus please feel free to send us an email right in App instead of give a negative review, it will help us so much to make app better.
    We will update new templates each version so you should check back usually
    05-05-2013 05:44 AM

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