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    I'm going to be giving a 5-minute speech in a couple weeks. What I'm looking for is an app that I can install on my phone to help me keep time. I'd like it to short-vibrate each minute so I have awareness of how far I'm in and how much time remains. Ideally, it would short-vibrate once after the first minute, twice after the second, etc up to 5 short vibrations after the 5th minute so I know I'm done. I suppose a stopwatch/countdown-style app would probably do the trick.

    Any ideas?
    05-06-2013 09:19 AM
  2. gollum18's Avatar
    You can use the stock clock app, it should have a stopwatch in it.

    Btw I know how you feel, I had to take a public speaking class for my degree, and I had to give 4 speeches in 1 month.

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    05-06-2013 09:57 AM
  3. dely's Avatar
    The Razr used to have this timer feature as part of the clock/alarm function but after the 4.1.2 upgrade, that feature has disappeared from the clock/alarm function. This used to be a great feature and I don't understand why they would have removed this. This upgrade also removed the ability to turn your phone on "silent" while in business meetings without having to undue your normal ring tone, but now that is gone too. The only way you can put it on silent is to change your ring tone to silent and do this for each and every messaging ring tone (texts, calls, emails, etc.). The one-touch silent feature was nice. Again, I don't understand why they would have eliminated these 2 very convenient features. Did the developers not talk to any users before eliminating these features?!
    05-10-2013 09:28 PM

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