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    I have a ProXPN free VPN account, and while I know their PPTP support is for paid accounts only, I have copied the OpenVPN configuration from their Windows client and installed it into this OpenVPN client:


    I did this by installing the ProXPN client on windows, navigating to the install folder, and copying the .ovpn file as well as the ssl folder under it to my Android device. From there I used the open-folder icon on the OpenVPN app to import the settings. I then added my username and password to it.

    I added my username and password, but I don't have the server name needed to make the connection correctly. It seems to be erroring out with connection refused because I only have the PPTP server name pptp.proxpn.com. The Windows client says "Dallas" for the server but doesn't show the server name directly. Does anyone have that server name for the OpenVPN connection so I can plug it into the Android client to try and connect?

    Their website doesn't seem to have the info anywhere -- their help leaves quite a bit to be desired and wants everyone to use the PPTP service (which is easier to configure but less secure than OpenVPN).

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.
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    05-07-2013 12:23 PM
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    Ok ProXPN's tech support was very helpful. I sent them a log from the app, and they responded that the server address for free accounts needs to be this Dallas openvpn server:
    Ports can't be the 1194 that came from the Windows .ovpn configuration file, it should be port 443. Ports 8080 and 80 should also work.

    Now if you upgrade to Pro (which I have to avoid the bandwidth limitations, pop-up page when surfing on the free account asking you to upgrade, etc, and to get the great deal with the Sn20 promo code thanks to the Security Now podcast), you can use any of these servers closer to you to get better performance. I received written permission to post and update this list:

    Dallas: (free accounts only work on this one)
    (2014-02-18, checking with support to see if this address is still valid or if the Dallas one below is needed.)

    Updated server address for Open VPN (2014-02-18):
    UK uk1.proxpn.com
    Seattle se1.proxpn.com
    Singapore sg1.proxpn.com
    NY1 ny1.proxpn.com
    NY2 bny1.proxpn.com
    NL nl1.proxpn.com
    Miami mfl1.proxpn.com
    Los Angeles la1.proxpn.com
    Dallas d1.proxpn.com
    Czech cz1.proxpn.com

    Upgrading to Pro also lets you use PPTP which is built into Android and doesn't need a third-party app to work, but the security on OpenVPN is much stronger and usually isn't blocked in the few cases that PPTP is blocked. No harm in having both configured.

    Updated PPTP Servers (2014-02-18):
    UK pptp-uk1.proxpn.com
    Seattle pptp-se1.proxpn.com
    Singapore pptp-sg1a.proxpn.com
    NY1 pptp-ny1a.proxpn.com
    NY2 pptp-bny1.proxpn.com
    NL pptp-nl1.proxpn.com
    Miami pptp-mfl.proxpn.com
    LA pptp-la1.proxpn.com
    Dallas pptp-d1.proxpn.com
    Czech pptp-cz.proxpn.com

    About the ProXPN app (added 2014-02-18):
    While there is now a ProXPN app which is a tailored version of the OpenVPN app for Android, I have had difficulties with it and ProXPN has admitted it is being worked on and improved. Specifically I have had the app lose connectivity at various intervals and not try and re-establish a connection. I look forward to ProXPN fixing that, but in the meantime I keep using the app at the link above.

    Good luck and happy secure surfing.
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    05-08-2013 12:55 PM
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    Upgrading to Pro also lets you use PPTP which is built into Android and doesn't need a third-party app to work, but the security on OpenVPN is much stronger and usually isn't blocked in the few cases that PPTP is blocked. No harm in having both configured..
    For anyone wishing to add PPTP, This is there Address;
    New York City -

    05-14-2013 02:25 PM
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    I just buy ProXPN premium account and use setting, It worked for few days but all of sudden once I install some program in my PC, it is now not working. Any idea.?

    12-24-2014 04:23 AM
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    People New to this thread can check out the review of proXPN, they have updated their features and services. This might help you all to make a decision: proXPN Review
    ProXPN is the VPN recommend by the Security Now podcast by Steve Gibson. So may be they have upped their performance.
    02-10-2017 05:09 AM

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