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    Is available on the Google Play store the free edition of Drummer Friend: preset drum machine with high quality stereo acoustic sounds.

    see at this link Drummer Friend Free

    - 10 presets rhythms everyone with intro, ending, fill-in and variation parts
    bossanova 1
    funk 1
    latin 1
    rock hard
    swing 4
    take 5/4
    tr808 rock

    - 48 stereo sounds for a comprehensive acoustic drums kit and percussions from 88 CD quality stereo samples, plus 16 mono vintage samples of tr808.

    - multilayer sampling of key sounds (kick, snares, high hat, sidestick)

    - effects engine with reverb, bass boost,3d virtualizer, equalization curves

    - humanized drums playback based on evaluation of real human errors: every beat sounds slightly different for timing, volume and timbre

    - limiter effect that simulate compressor used on drums recording; the sound is first expanded and then limited with a limiter; the main stream volume control can be used to compensate this effect on sound level.
    05-10-2013 07:19 AM

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