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    Hi all! I have created my first android app.

    Free download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...tycleavagequiz

    - Each picture shows a girl and her cleveage in order to make you enjoy as you play.
    - There are 204 girls in 17 levels!
    - Each girl have 5 clues that will help you to obtain a solution or directly solve it. For each 3 girls that you hit and for each passed level, you will get some money that you will use to get the clues.
    - Sexy and farting sounds during the game that will take a smile out of you.
    - Store the pictures of the girls that you unlock to see them in a higher resolution and download them.
    - Train your mind playing memorizing cleveages (pairs game) selecting between the cleveages of your unlocked girls and have a good time playing on your own or with your friends (2 players). Also, your best times will be recorder so you will be able to see how your mind becomes more agile.
    - There are 4 different levels in the cleveage memorizing game, 4x3 (Easy), 5x4 (Normal), 6x5 (Hard) and 7x6 (Expert). Besides, each time you finish a game you will get some money that you will use to get the clues. That way you will unlock every girl for free!
    - You will see all your game data in the statistics screen, like unlocked girls, total score, won money, spent moeny, record times in each level and more.
    - Also, if you are an eager person, ther is a store where you might find different amounts of money in a more direct way and at very low cost. Or even unlock all the girls at the same time!
    - Currently in two languages, english and spanish.

    05-11-2013 05:19 PM

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