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    Hashgram - Tags for Instagram - More likes and More followers
    Copy & Paste Instagram and Google+ Hashtags Fast!
    Hashgram helps you add hashtags to your Google+ and Instagram pictures faster. You MAY get more likes/followers as a result of this.

    Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...=instagram.com

    Want to tag your pics FAST?
    Hashgram curates the ★hottest★ Instagram and Google+ hashtags to help you possibly get more likes and tag your pictures fast!
    Simply choose a category, tap 'Instagram Icon' to copy and open Instagram App Or 'Google+ Icon' to copy and open Google+ App Or 'Copy icon' to Copy Only, then Paste into your Instagram Or Google+ pictures!
    NEW: Now create CUSTOM tag categories!!
    Tag Categories include:
    ✓ Popular
    ✓ Arab world
    ✓ Nature
    ✓ Animals
    ✓ Social / People
    ✓ Art / Photography
    ✓ Urban
    ✓ Fashion
    ✓ Celebs (One Direction / Bieber)
    ✓ Follow / Shoutout / Likes
    ✓ Food
    ✓ Fashion
    ... and many more!
    Don't miss out on this Instagram secret.
    Download FREE for a limited time!
    Follow us on Instagram: @HASH_GRAM
    Use our hashtag to enter our daily shoutout contests: #Hashgram
    Download NOW become a #Hashgramer
    1. Can I request a new category?
    Yup, just email me at: info@kazaaz.com
    2. How do I paste tags into my pics?
    In your caption while uploading tap and hold the box where you type, tap 'Paste'. You can also comment on the picture and paste tags in the comment.
    3. I get a 'too many tags' error?
    Instagram allows max 30 tags per picture. All of our tags blocks are 30 tags or under. Delete all other tags on your picture before pasting our tags.
    4. How can I ensure I have the latest tags?
    Make sure to tap 'Allow Automatic Updating' to always have the latest categories. You can enable that setting if you go into the Google Play market > Select 'Downloads' > Select the 'Hashgram' app > Tap 'Allow Automatic Updating'.
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