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    Minutes is a minimal text editor designed for those who rely heavily on note taking in plain text and do not want their notes to be tied in to a specific note taking app. Notes created by Minutes sync seamlessly and effortlessly with Dropbox as plain text files, so that your text based notes can be read/edited by any text editor in the future without being dependent on a particular note taking app. Edit commands that are common in traditional text editors are also included.

    Currently it includes the following features:

    • Offline note search
    • Markdown and HTML support
    • 2-way sync with Dropbox (auto background sync)
    • Export and import notes in plain text to and from Dropbox with backup scheduling support (without the need to launch the app)
    • Lock screen flash card widget support for casual note browsing
    • Customization (sorting, font family and size, etc.)

    Edit commands include:
    • Insert date and time stamp
    • Go to top/bottom within a note
    • Text search within a note
    • Highlighted search results
    • Revert unsaved changes

    Get it at Google Play

    ***This is a full feature beta version of the app to which new features will be added constantly. Suggestions and bug reports are welcome. Thank you for your time.***

    05-19-2013 10:11 PM
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    I just removed the limit on the number of users who can link to Dropbox from the app. Sorry for the problem.
    05-23-2013 06:42 PM
  3. bsaelim's Avatar

    -Added markdown symbols input bar
    -Added date filter
    -Fixed a bug that broke sync

    05-29-2013 04:43 AM
  4. bsaelim's Avatar

    Edit screen updates and the newly added search replace function
    06-21-2013 03:08 PM
  5. bsaelim's Avatar

    2013/07/03 Added some new functions
    07-05-2013 08:17 AM
  6. bsaelim's Avatar

    Added "Export to Local Storage"
    07-31-2013 03:42 PM
  7. bsaelim's Avatar
    -Added commonly used functions in action bar.
    -Android 4.3 support

    09-04-2013 04:39 PM
  8. bsaelim's Avatar

    * Provide compact editor toolbar for smaller screens.
    * Fixed Mardown view screen bug
    * Improved responsiveness for editing
    09-21-2013 04:24 PM
  9. a2jww's Avatar
    I just bought the PRO version and tried to install on Google Nexus 7 - app only can be started directly from "my apps" in google play - no icon can be placed on the homescreen!
    Is this a bug?

    01-04-2014 06:39 AM
  10. bsaelim's Avatar
    - Fixed Lollipop crashes
    11-07-2014 10:43 PM

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