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    Hello Android Central

    Let me preface this by saying that I hardly ever use Evernote, so when Google Keep came out, I figured that I wouldn't use it very often and I was right, I hardly touch Keep. I don't always keep an active list of things, such as "stop at Walmart and get milk and cereal"

    I know Google Now has a new reminder feature "Remind me to get milk at Walmart this afternoon.", but that just "dings" at you and you (1) had to hear the ding and (2) have to check to see why the phone "dinged". I want something like Notif that will stick a reminder in the notification shade. There are several apps that do this.

    If Google Keep placed a notification in the shade, I would just do that and if Keep ever comes out with such a feature, then I don't see why I would have a need for any of the above apps.

    Thoughts and suggestions?

    Thank you
    05-22-2013 05:57 AM

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