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    As a longtime music streamer I've always found it to be adventageous to buying music as it was easier to discover new music and found it well worth $5-$10 a month to not have to buy new songs and add all the new music I wanted to my playlists. I've been using slacker for over 3 years and loved it.

    However in January I switched to sprint from verizon to save money and upgrade without losing unlimited data. However the network wasn't quite as good for streaming as we all know (although I do have LTE in my area now). So I went looking for alternatives so that I could cache my playlists to the device for offline play which slacker is supposed to do but I couldn't get it to work. I've been using Spotify for a couple months now, I can easily cache my playlists to my SD card on my Note 2 for offline play in case I don't have a fast data connection, they've recently added the ability in the app to sort playlists and it works fairly well. However I've found the radio feature to be a little bit lacking as I rarely get anything I like no matter how often I click dislike (Slacker does this very well I think). But, I do like being able to use shared/published playlists to discover other music. Another plus, the app is very simple and intuitive.

    Upon the news of all share music or whatever they are calling it I jumped on board for 30 days free and $2 cheaper a month. After a few frustrating days however,
    - I can cache songs for offline play, but only on the internal storage
    - its a pain in the **** to navigate that app, adding a song to a playlist while listening to the radio is a 4 tap process, in Spotify or Slacker its 1 or 2.
    - I can't play a radio station based on my playlist, only based on a song or artist. At least not that I've found.
    - Why do I have a library and playlists? Why are there songs I never have listened to in my library and why can't I remove them
    - why are all my podcasts showing up in my library and playlists, I have a podcast player for that.
    - the app really is tedious to navigate compared to others

    Google, dear google, I know you want the manufacturers and all of us to not have SD cards and just use the cloud with barely any storage on our phones. But these are media consumption devices and so long as I'm only able to get 16 GB (10 usable after the OS) of internal memory for apps I need the option to store music and other media on the SD card if I have one. At least give us the option to store it there if we want. Music, movies, apps, all on 10 GB of storage? Not going to happen, which is why I continue to buy only phones with SD card slots or 64 GB of internal Storage. Not all of us are near a cell tower or wifi all the time and would like the option to use our media at all times.

    It seems to me this wasn't quite completely thought out, it just doesn't work for me anyway.
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    05-23-2013 02:20 PM

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