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    Dear developers and users,

    I'm planning to lift up my cellphone on a weather ballon into stratosphere. It is a Galaxy Nexus running on Android 4.2.2.
    Over the last week I was intensively searching for a stable Software to record all sensors of the phone during flight while running in background. (Also pressure sensor)
    Stable means for me that it can run without any error and abort of the recording over 5 hours.
    I actually tested many programms but none of them could run really stable or in the background.
    For the flight I also will run the following apps: my tracks, family tracker and lapse it pro for picture shooting.
    I tested the following apps already:
    Sensor insider Pro
    Space tracker
    Data recording
    Knowing sensors
    Sensor guru
    Sensor readout
    Sensor and GPS Monitor
    Sensor Data Collector
    Data sensors
    Sensor data
    Sensor data logger
    FRS logger basic

    You see that I tried really many apps.
    Can you help me with your experience....?

    05-26-2013 09:26 AM

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