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    My wife has been complaining that her phone has been really slow lately and that the battery drains very fast. With the help of CPU Spy, I was able to verify that her phone almost never went into "Deep Sleep" (her phone would only spend 2 - 3 percent in that mode) . Obviously some app was keeping it awake.

    Using GSam Battery Monitor I was able to determine what was using wake locks to not let it go to sleep. I used OS Monitor to verify that the cpu was staying very busy but never really saw any one process sitting at the top of the CPU percentage list.

    Then I scrolled down. I saw, literally, 50 "Weather Channel App" processes running. Each consuming less than 1 percent cpu, but overall must have been sucking up cpu cycles. I restarted her phone and saw the same thing start to happen again.

    I then disabled the "Weather Channel App" and immediately the phone was snappier and after running it for 2 hours the "Deep Sleep" percentage was up to 30 - 40 percent.

    Has anyone else seen issues with the Weather Channel App? Could it just be the latest update?
    05-26-2013 12:15 PM

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