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    Hey guys, here is a best todo application.
    This' made for people who finding easy todo planner.
    fancy UI, easy to use, easy to organize daily plans.

    you can use this easily. PRIOR get all uncompleted tasks from yesterday. automatically.

    if you want make grocery list, daily plan list, whatever.. This is a easiest way to make list.

    Come and watch this on google play. It will not disappoint you.

    this application is useful, and beautiful.

    **- Features -

    * Easy to Use (Add, Delete, Postpone)
    * Priority-based sort
    * Category
    * Calendar
    * Deadline reminder
    * Cover theme (brown, black, and more will be added)
    * Beautiful Typefaces (can be changed)
    * Synchronization via Dropbox
    * Two-way backup (Local, Dropbox)
    * 3 Awesome Widgets (and more will be added!)

    here is google play link.
    05-27-2013 06:22 AM

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