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    A new update (2.7) for Meeting Minutes Pro has been released today. It will be available on Google Play in the next 2-3 hours and will be available on BlackBerry World in the next few days (based on how long BlackBerry takes to approve the release).

    This release adds the following features to the app:

    1. New data element Meeting Category to store project or client or anything else
    2. Feature to create new Agenda Items when linking Agenda to Discussion/Action Item
    3. Open Meeting Attachments from within the app by long pressing on them
    4. Option to hide any element(s) in any list by setting column width as 0
    5. Display Email Address on Participant/Contact lists
    6. Display Linked Agenda on Discussion and Action Item lists
    7. Option to show Meeting Time in 24 or 12 Hour format in exported Meeting Minutes/Agenda
    8. Option to choose time range for meeting import from Calendar
    9. Bug Fix: Error while importing meetings from calendar with secondary user
    10. Bug Fix: Error while importing meetings from calendar with email address with apostrophe
    11. Other minor bug fixes

    Meeting Minutes Pro -

    Meeting Minutes - A free 3 day trial of Meeting Minutes Pro
    05-27-2013 01:59 PM

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