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    Digital Eclairs is thrilled to share with you our first production XnO - 3D Character Based Adventure Game, already heralded as the next Angry Birds! Available on Google Play and Amazon App Store. Hope you enjoy it!!

    About the Game

    The inhabitants of Vazooka have been captured. Join X and his friends on their whimsical journey to rescue lovely lady penguin O, and other penguin families. Shoot the jolly puffer, P, using the unique aiming powers of the mighty turtle, T, to break open the cage and release the captured penguin. Discover the power of double headed turtle TT. Power-up on angels while evading the destructive power of demons.

    Core Game Features

    No micro transitions, one time buy
    3D Character based adventure game
    5 Whimsical environments spread across challenging 52 levels
    Awesome physics and brilliant gameplay with intuitive controls
    Test your reflexes on accelerometer for enhanced gameplay
    Enchanting characters and engrossing story
    Hug the angels while dodging the demons
    Multiple game modes - Practice & Challenge
    Non-Violent family friendly gameplay
    Use of spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...5kZS54bm8iXQ..

    Amazon App Store: Amazon.com: XnO: Appstore for Android

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xnothegame
    Visit us at: Digital Eclairs is an independent game development studio. XnO is the first in the series of groundbreaking 3D game being launched by Digital Eclairs. - XNO Home 3d mobile game
    05-28-2013 05:40 PM

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