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    Hi friends,
    My first android Game.. Hope you all love it..

    Download - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ad.spellmaster

    Brief Description of the game
    There are three different levels.
    In each level a new game is introduced to the player.
    The game that is in the previous level will be available in the next level and that game will be little harder than the previous one.
    Increase your English knowledge with your fingertips.
    Badges will be provided in each level according to the bonuses.
    Share your scores and badges through your facebook account and twitter account to show your ability to the world.

    Superb look with awesome graphics, animations and cool sounds.
    Several categories of words are listed including: nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc
    Infinite play with dynamic grids.
    The grids are filled with words that cross and intersect.
    Improved touch sensitivity.
    Best Timing.

    Play the game

    No complicated rules just have fun with this awesome game
    Dictation game Find the words according to the given meaning, letters and listening 3 times to the word.
    Word Finder Identify the given reverse ordered words in the puzzle.
    Word Tracker Fix the word by combining letters.
    Find words like a super booster and get high score and ranking

    System Requirements
    Android OS 2.2 or above
    Attached Thumbnails [FREE] "Word Champ" my 1st Android Game..-fb-banner.jpg   [FREE] "Word Champ" my 1st Android Game..-2.png   [FREE] "Word Champ" my 1st Android Game..-3.png   [FREE] "Word Champ" my 1st Android Game..-4.png   [FREE] "Word Champ" my 1st Android Game..-5.png  

    [FREE] "Word Champ" my 1st Android Game..-6.png   [FREE] "Word Champ" my 1st Android Game..-9.png   [FREE] "Word Champ" my 1st Android Game..-10.png  
    05-29-2013 02:39 AM

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