1. Carlos Morera de la Chica's Avatar

    I am the developer of the app and I would like to let you know about Finger App.
    Hope you enjoy it.

    There is nothing better than having a good shortcut system that allows us to access everywhere in our Android device in the fastest and easiest way. Such systems typically consist of launchers which significantly improve users experience. The use of these launchers is based on our PC desktop, trying to simulate its behaviour and even improving it. Using this simple app you can elevate to absolute limits the use and customization of our shortcuts in our Android device.


    This beneficial app will be very useful if you tend to use different applications at the same time, such as chatting with someone while surfing the internet or having a conversation on Facebook while writing with another person on Whatsapp. Using Finger allows moves from one app to another simply by drawing a gesture on the screen.
    Finger consists of two distinct parts. On the one hand we have a configuration screen by which we manage our shortcuts. The configuration screen has features such as add, modify or delete your gestures but also allows you to enable / disable "Finger drawer", which is a floating button that gives meaning to the app.
    Finger drawer is a floating button by which we can place a transparent window on top of other running applications, where we can draw a pre-configured gesture with our finger and access to the application configured. Finger drawer implements drag & drop functionality which allows the user to place the button at the edges of your screen, preventing it to be placed in an undesirable place. Another interesting feature of the app is the lock screen functionality by using double clicking on Finger drawer, and the ability to hide it with a long press.
    In addition to the possibility of having our own shortcuts by any gesture enable us to open applications, Finger also offers the possibility to change system settings, simulate the home button, lock the screen and many more.
    Fingers advantages are clear in terms of usability. You do not have to navigate between windows to access your applications, accelerating and streamlining the use of your Smartphone, at the same time Finger enables you to continue interacting with other applications installed in the system.

    Finger on Facebook
    Finger on Twitter
    Finger on Google+

    Finger App review by Appstonic ( Spanish language )

    Finger App v1.2 will be avaliable in few days and will add features such as:

    • Call to a contact through one move.
    • New features, only for rooted devices.
    • Open web links in your browser through one move.
    • New change finger drawer size option.
    • Improved notification performance .
    • UI changed.

    05-29-2013 12:16 PM
  2. Carlos Morera de la Chica's Avatar
    Update released, Finger v1.2. update notification may be displayed in few hours
    05-30-2013 11:20 AM

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