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    Hi all

    I just got my android m10505 and I went to download some apps from the go store, and found a problem. When I click install in the market, it shows the confirmation text saying that my download will begin shortly... When I click okay, the app status automatically says installed. No progress bars, no open option, no uninstall option. Clicking installed brings up the checkout tab again (you are downloading.. send to m10505) and the install button is available on that tab (still can see 'installed' under the app in the market page" When I press install again on the google tab, it brings me to the SAME google play tab (this app will be downloaded to your device shortly, OK button is only option). When I go to check my app drawer, it hasn't shown up. It also doesn't show up in app manager downloads, or list.

    Clicking the go launcher also does nothing- it fades the page to the home screen, nothing opens.

    Any clues?

    Thank you
    05-29-2013 01:46 PM
  2. kazamterk's Avatar
    CUBOT C7
    05-29-2013 02:17 PM

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