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    We have recently finished development process of new and in its' way - unique app for Android devices called "LocBuzz".
    Quite a lot of positive comments are received from people who have already tried this app, but in order to understand if LocBuzz can really help while planning day-to-day activities, we certainly need much wider range of users.
    I would appreciate to receive your comments and thoughts about this app.

    Here's a little description of LocBuzz:
    Its a following question, that describes the nature and idea of this mobile app Have you ever been late for some meeting because you were too far away when your calendar reminder went off?.

    LocBuzz works by keeping track of the time required to reach the place of your meetings or appointments, based on your current location. Once it is time to leave for the next meeting a notification is displayed, allowing you to plan your travel in advance.

    You can keep using the same calendar application you are using today, as LocBuzz integrates with all the popular calendar services and applications (Samsung SPlaner, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar).

    LocBuzz is available for download at the Google Play Store at no charge, while additional information can be found at LocBuzz.

    Thank you in advance!
    06-04-2013 07:54 AM

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