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    I've been trying to sort some of the pictures on my SkyDrive into subfolders, but I can't see how to select and move them in the mobile version of SkyDrive.

    I can select a given picture or pictures, but once I've done so, I don't see any "move" option, or any menu containing this option. (On the desktop version of SkyDrive, I think I would select the "manage" option at this point.)

    If I've only selected one pic, there is a "share" option that comes up, but even this option disappears (becomes grayed out) when I select more than one item.

    Am I missing something simple, or is it genuinely impossible to sort items (at least multiple items at a time) in the mobile version of SkyDrive?

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    06-08-2013 01:09 PM
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    Are you using the app. Mine has selection boxes and create folder options all that's needed to sort

    Edit your right just tried it. Guess you have to Do from PC. What were they thinking
    06-08-2013 01:14 PM